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Space Clearing

In ancient times people understood the importance of harmony in their dwellings.

They developed techniques to release stagnant Energy & to invoke vitality, restoring peace and balance. Many people are finding these updated rituals very effective today.


Is your home your sanctuary? Is it a peaceful, calm & nurturing space?

If not, clearing the Energy can change all this to a feeling of harmony & peace.

Clearing before moving into a new home can help enormously to clear out previous unwanted Energy left behind. It is essential after illness, divorce, death or misfortune.


INTERVIEW: Visit to discuss what you feel about your home & what is needed to improve the Energy

CEREMONY: An opening ceremony creates a central altar with a candle and flowers & this Energy is carried throughout the house.

Each room will be visited and cleared using various tools such as bells & drums. There is a healing, closing ceremony. 

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